United states: Volkswagen offers $ 1,000 to those affected by the TDI engines

TDI-clean-diesel-volkswagen1Going the way of two months from the us EPA’s discovery of the scandal of the emissions of Volkswagen, the well-known Dieselgate. Engines TDI EA 189 2.0-liter (in the united States) had a device to distort the emissions of NOx in the test of type approval, acting in a different way to the situations of real driving. This caused a tremendous outrage among consumers, different body, and even resulted in the stoppage of the sales of these engines.

Volkswagen is aware that at the level of brand image is a hard blow and is already working to fix it. Begins by the united States, where historical memory in these cases it is higher and takes a toll even decades later. While you look for a technical solution to the problem of the motors, the German brand offers to the customers affected 1,000 dollars in various bonuses.

Motor 2.0 TDI Volkswagen Passat Estados UnidosVolkswagen will give away to the affected card prepaid Visa card with $ 500 balance that can be spent for what the customer wants, as well as a loyalty card of 500 $ to spend in Volkswagen dealerships. At the same time, it gives a roadside assistance 24 hours over the next 3 years. Volkswagen intends to make this first step to be seen by consumers as a way to restore confidence in the brand.

The German company ensures that the acceptance of this bonus of $ 1,000 does not imply anything more. Consumers shall remain entitled to claim to the company by the scandal of the emissions, a case’s class-action lawsuit that will surely be to pay it off with the compensation millions. To take advantage of the help, are the owners themselves who have to check on a web site if your car is affected by the number of frame and request it.

Source – Volkswagen