Uniti, the Swedish manufacturer that will launch its first electric vehicle by crowfunding

The manufacture of an electric vehicle is considerably less costly, both in materials innovation, that the of a vehicle driven by a combustion engine. The main consequence of this is the emergence of new manufacturers that are trying to carve a niche in the complex niche of the car. I present to you Uniti, the start-up Swedish.

This company is new in the industry, but already have an electric vehicle with a specifications and a starting price that make it quite appealing and that could mark the direction in the market of electric.

The company is seated in Landskrona, near Malmo, where it is located its production plant. There is where it will see its first electric vehicle. It will be the day 7 of December and hope to put it in marketing to early in the year 2019.

“Landskrona is an ideal centre for the manufacture and assembly of our products. It is clear that the city has great ambitions to become a new technology hub in the region, and in fact, have the resources to do it.” said Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti.

The car Uniti will use materials like carbon fiber and bio components. The use of this type of elements makes that its weight is set at a staggering 450 kilograms. This helps greatly to its autonomy, because the less weight to move, less effort on the part of the engine. With this, you get a figure of 300 km range, not bad for a car that will have a price of eur 20,000 output.

The process of crowdfunding proved to be a success. About 1,000 people supported the project by investing more than € 20 million. In addition to this, the Swedish company has partnered with Siemens and already have 915 reservations for its first electric vehicle. If they do well, with that price and those features, you can be a achievement in the market of utilities electric.

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