Unplugged Performance reveals its package of improvements for the Tesla Model X

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model X

Unplugged Performance takes on the Tesla Model X.

face to the SEMA Show in 2016, the preparer Unplugged Performance has unveiled its new adjustment program for the Tesla Model X. It is not common to find packages of improvements for the models of Tesla Motors, so that when a coach dares to put hand to the Model S, or, in this case, Model X, is in the news. And the truth, seeing the result of preparation here, we realize how little conservative that has been Unplugged when you design your package settings.

As is usual in these cases, we need to forget about kits of empowerment since the preparer does not offer any type of change for the electric motor or the battery pack of the Model X. Just enter visual changes both in the exterior and in the interior. Focusing on the exterior design of the Tesla Model X prepared by Unplugged Performance, we find ourselves with a renewed image.

The Tesla Model X becomes a model more rough, aggressive and angry. All of this has been achieved thanks to the new body kit composed, among other elements, on some new bumpers, some new trim for the front fog lights, new side skirts and a few wheel arches modified to accommodate the new wheels.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model X - llanta

Alongside the body kit, we have fitted some new wheels that leave the view of the calipers blue.

And is, as we can see in the pictures, Unplugged Performance has footwear new alloy wheels of five spokes in black and leave it up to the sight of the brake calipers painted in a shade of blue which achieves an interesting contrast with the body color and vinyl color gray added in the lower area of the doors and in the front.

Ending our “tour” around the outside of this Tesla Model X, if we pay attention to the behind, the new rear spoiler small size or sturdy diffuser that has been installed is, along with the aforementioned bumper, the main changes that are evident in this area of the electric car.

Leaving to one side the outside and focusing on the images of the passenger compartment, what is the news provides us with the preparer specialized in modifying models of Tesla Motors? Unplugged Performance adds a number of details in carbon fiber and new leather upholstery. In addition, the preparer makes available to its customers the possibility to modify to your taste the interior. The body kit can already be reserved upon deposit of 1.000$ (910€).