Until the 30th of November, Volkswagen offers an amnesty to those involved in the Dieselgate

TDIVolkswagen is immersed in its own internal investigation of the case Dieselgate, which so far has led also to uncover irregularities in CO2 emissions. The German group wants to gather all possible information to clarify this scandal and to do this you need the full collaboration of the workers. It is not known the extent to which some workers are involved in the scandal of the emissions.

To speed up the process the brand has decided to remove the fear of it over to the workers who cooperate in the investigation by providing information about the case Dieselgate. It offers a amnesty, with which the company will not retaliate against these employees despite his involvement in the fraud. The responsibility is not only of the workers. November 30 is the deadline by which Volkswagen has set for this amnesty.

volkswagen-logoThis amnesty does not imply that if the workers involved have committed a crime can not be tried, but at least you will have the peace of mind that the group will keep their jobs, they will not retaliate and that support to justice if necessary. The most senior levels of the company, as the members of the Board of Directors and the lower more direct not be able to avail the amnesty.

In the beginning, this program was to be extended until the end of the year, but Volkswagen has decided to speed it up and to bring forward the deadline until November 30th, so many are the pressures that the German firm is receiving from different agencies calling for transparency and solutions. The group of advisers Deloitte, and the Jones Day lawyers will be responsible for overseeing this process, to determine the guilty direct and to clarify the circumstances in which all the events took place.

Source – Automotive News