Unveiled by mistake the BMW 760 Li

At mid-year, BMW revealed to the world his ultimate expression of luxury. The new 7 Series was official, and with it all the cosmetic changes, mechanical and technological that are the hallmark of this generation. However was missing a unit, the BMW 760 Li has been revealed by mistake in the configurator of the brand.


An error has caused us to know the appearance of the 760 Li before time

it Is the most powerful of all, the top of the range flagship BMW. With its long wheelbase and its more than five meters long, the 760 Li keeps to himself the details of design own, subtle all of them, that will make it easier for identification. The most “flashy” of all is the exhaust finishing in a peak. Also may be associated with the package M.

however, it is not the only detail unique to the unit, as the most distinctive feature is its engine. As you can see here in exclusive months ago, the 7-Series would have the capacity for multiple blocks. None of them below the 265 HP. However, it is the 760 which will be the largest of all locating in your engine bay.

we’re talking twelve cylinders in V with internal code N74B66U1. At the moment it is unknown the displacement of the same, but it should be enough to develop a power of between 550 and 600 HP. It is associated with a change of automatic transmission of nine speeds, as well as the rest of the range BMW Series 7.


The configurator has been the one who has shown the design of the 760 Li

as in the previous generation, the most powerful version of the 7 Series will always be attached to the body with battle extended. There will be No short battle. To know with more detail the ins and outs of the 760 Li will have to wait a few months. It is expected that by the end of the year the first units will reach their customers.