Unveiled the Lexus LC 500h before its debut in Geneva

Lexus LC 500h

although late last month we hunt at first-in Engine.is the new Lexus LC in Spain for the almeria coast, finally the guys at Lexus have been inspired to publish the first images and official details of the new model that we’ll see debut in the imminent Geneva motor show 2016 the next month of march. More specifically the day 1.

If, during the last Detroit motor show in the month of January we saw the new Lexus LC with its spectacular aspirated engine V8 477 HP and 527 Nm, now is the time to take a first look at the hybrid variant. And as it comes being usual in Lexus, on an aesthetic level there is no difference at all with regard to the model of conventional engine. Yes, it jumps to the sight of the new blue paint and the letters present on the step of rear wheel. We assume that we will refer to the hybrid system.

The Lexus LC hunted by the Engine.it was the LC 500h

For the moment, there are no official details regarding the hybrid system that spur the new Lexus LC 500h. Yes, the latest reports that we can find on the net point in the same direction. A hybrid system composed by V6 engine 3.5 as well as by a electric motor. It speaks of a combined power of 407 HP although as well I say, by the time they are mere rumors and speculations.

Lexus LC 500h

What has been pointed out Lexus is that will use the hybrid system of new generation LMSHS (Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System). It is said that this same mechanical system will be employed in the next generation of the LS model, which has scheduled his appearance for the beginning of next year.

As such, in just a few days, a few we will leave doubts when it is presented to society during the Geneva motor show 2016.