Unveiled the new Formula 1 two-seater


The Formula 1 will use a Formula 1 two-seater to perform exhibitions and experiences with VIPS in the Big Awards, a project that has already been seen in some races this year through the so-called F1 Experiences and at Spa-Francorchamps has unveiled the final design to 2018.

to The front of the project is Paul Stoddart, who arranged for Minardi in his last years of competition and is the owner of the Tyrrell 026 in 1998 that serves as the basis for the two-seater. This car has been updated by Mike Gascoyne, who was in charge of modifying the aerodynamics and the structure of the second seat to enhance the onboard experience.

The two-seater of the F1 Experiences will be present at the Big Awards Italy, Malaysia, Japan, the united States, Mexico, and Abu Dhabi this same year. In addition to a return to the circuit, we offer exclusive events with drivers from the grill, the presence on the podium during the awards ceremony or suites are reserved in the circuit.