Unveiled the new layout of the ePrix of Berlin


The first ePrix of the Berlin Formula E, which ended with victory of the belgian Jerome D Ambrosio, took place in the former Tempelhof airport, a scenario that, however, is not available to accept the test of the season 2015-16. The aerodrome facilities are intended for the reception of the syrian refugees that arrive to the German capital fleeing the war, so that the organization has had to find an alternative. Although it sounded Munich and Norisring as possible substitutes, finally, the ePrix of Berlin will be held in the center of the city.

The new path is located around one of the most emblematic parts of the city as is Alexanderplatz. In fact, the e-Village will be installed in the vicinity of this point. The new circuit will have a total of 11 curves, on a track that could almost be catalogued symmetric, since it is drawn from a y-axis virtual located on the avenue Karl-Marx-Alle. Its 2,030 square begin with a fork to drive the same shut up in the opposite direction. The rest of the path is drawn around the arbor of Strausberg Platz, while the line of boxes has its exit and entry into the first curve.

The ePrix of Berlin will take place on may 21, even though the city council has to give the green light to this path. However, the effort of the Formula And by maintaining a career in the German capital has been remarkable and is expected to be able to carry out without problems. However, the Formula E Alejandro Agag to the head and has a great interest in the market German, as evidenced by the presence of DHL as logistics partner of the category or of BMW as a supplier of safety car, the BMW i8.