Up to 200 km of electric range for the BMW i3 with a new lithium battery

BMW i3 just turned two years on the market, and the electric BMW you are in luck: you have been gifted a new lithium-ion battery packs with higher energy density, able to improve their autonomy. This new battery is available for the i3 and the i3 REX – the latter has a gasoline engine two-cylinder engine to recharge the battery when it depletes its charge. In addition, the i3 already in circulation can be updated with this new battery, able to extend the car’s range of up to 200 kilometres.

The real independence of theoretical BMW i3 was 160 km at its launch. Increased by 25% with the new battery.

The battery has the same usable capacity of 18.7 kWh, but their energy density is higher. Is a lithium ion battery of new development, and thereby improves the autonomy of the car. BMW announced a maximum autonomy of 190 km 2 years ago – at the launch of the car – mode ECHO PRO and performing efficient driving. The mid-range estimated on the basis of the experience of the clients was 160 kilometers. This new battery is increased by 25% the autonomy of the car in real conditions of movement.


Up to 200 km in mode 100% electric are made by BMW i3 in these moments. Part of the improvement in the autonomy is made possible thanks to a new wiring and a new electronic management of the battery. This improvement in electronics is also in part responsible for the incredible efficiency of hybrids like the new Toyota Prius. Another electric that has recently increased the capacity of its battery has been the Nissan Leaf, which now allows its drivers to travel up to 250 km without emitting a single gram of CO2.

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