Up to 30 electric cars Volkswagen would come in 2025

As you know, the lounges are not just to get the latest news of the automobile market. In these samples it teaches us what is coming in the form of prototypes, the preparations most extreme or the technology more than the last. In the same way, you can learn interesting information by talking with the managers of each brand. As this that today we bring to you. And is that according to Matthias Müller will come up 30 electric cars Volkswagen in the next ten years.

To Volkswagen the segment of the electric market is one of the most important. After the scandal of the dieselgate, the firm wants to invest in this type of thrusters, cleaning up its image and adapting to the times that are coming. For 2025 the brand plans to launch no less than 30 cars of this nature, an offense worthy of the best war movies.

This plan form part of the strategy that has developed the brand for the next few years. The mark is shown happy by the results obtained the last course in which vendirons 10.3 million units throughout the world. These motivates them to continue working and investing in new forms of mobility. “We see this confidence in our brands and products as the mission to continue developing and producing the best vehicles in the here and now”, said the CEO of the company.

These electric versions will be present in the range of all models of the company. From the smallest, to the flagships of each brand of the group, as the Volkswagen Phaeton or the Audi A8. All of them can be chosen with electrical propulsion, bringing this technology to all customers.

Source – Autobild