Up to 380 hp and more aggressive cars WRC appearance in 2017


The World Motor Sport Council this week approved changes to the WRC 2017 , which includes a larger aerodynamic package more aggressive turbo engine and even 380 horses from strength to strength.


FIA World Rally Championship Car 2017 E his week’s meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in which, among other things, the principal guidelines approved new technical regulation was held in Mexico WRC for season 2017. Among the changes that will, cars win a more aggressive aero package format with rear wing higher dimensions .

In addition to increasing its power cars look more aggressive.

Moreover, aerodynamic devices ahead of the front wheels are allowed and openings that allow to cut the surface of the fender

addition cars will be larger because width will allow 55 more millimeters, while the front and rear can gain greater projection, thanks to an enlargement of the cantilever . The new aero package will allow greater burden better grip and improved input speed curve.

But there will also be mechanical level changes since thrusters gain power through an turbo biggest with attaining a maximum pressure of 36 psi and a maximum power of up to 380 horsepower . Moreover will count again with an electronic center differential.

They say that these changes are the most important since it introduced the current WRC in 2011. However, the FIA ​​is clear that evolutionary changes and not revolutionary. The objective was to achieve more spectacular cars, without raising too much the budget and maintaining or improving safety standards.

In principle the changes seem positive. Now only hope that the cars do not look as ugly as the image released by the FIA.





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