Up to 4 Turbos! So will the new super diesel engine BMW

The efficiency war has only just begun. The next knock on effect it seeks to BMW with the presentation of a new high-performance diesel engine with no less than 4 turbochargers . Today, see configurations dual turbocharger is becoming even commonplace for more powerful engines, but BMW wants to go further and plant four turbines at its most powerful diesel engine . Designed for the new arrival BMW 7 Series and the M Performance models, the new quad-turbo engine will give much to talk about.

bmw-diesel-4-turbos-200615-02 Technologically speaking There is a new front of struggle between manufacturers, and this is simply to develop the best boost that current technology allows . With very advantageous in the development of systems of electric supercharging Audi, it seems that BMW not want to miss the signing of the four rings and it would have developed a supercharger system by conventional turbochargers nothing enviadiaría Audi technological system.

Although BMW has not released details on its new four diesel engine turbochargers, some rumors suggest that could be facing the first flirtation BMW with electric boost . Honestly, after seeing the position of BMW regarding electric compressors in the short term, it seems that this idea fades uncovering a traditional configuration with turbochargers arranged in parallel and / or in series to minimize the delayed entry of supercharging.

bmw-diesel-4-turbos-200615-01 The arrival of this new turbodiesel will be held in 2016 to update the 500d and 550d names , which would leave us a spec sheet more interesting for diesel M Performance models under seal, BMW M550d xDrive is the best example. The previous generation of these high-performance diesel engines started from a block of inline six-cylinder with 3 liters, 3 turbochargers and 381 hp. With the advent of fourth turbocharger and the necessary optimization the final power of these mechanical surpass flirted with 400 hp and 800 Nm of torque .

Source: BimmerToday
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