Update: Mercedes-AMG brings us to a tricycle for children in Paris

Mercedes-AMGYesterday at last time of the evening I brought the first photos of a stranger concept for Mercedes-AMG would be the imminent Paris. However, as already said, the photos we do not add up to much because a part of Mercedes-AMG had already informed the models that would be the Mondial, and on the other hand the proportions and forms of the model also helped us to clarify very well that it was what lurked that sheet.

One of our readers as we progressed, what we knew instinctively and as illustrated in the top image, is neither more nor less than a small toy for children. This type of exercises design targeted to a very specific audience, in this case children, to the brands that comes to them very well because terrenalizan his image and approach to the future generations, who will buy their cars in a few years.

Mercedes-AMGwell, last hour of the night Mercedes-AMG dropped the last photo and discovered that the toy you have prepared for the little ones of the house is a tricycle directed by a steering wheel. We hope that his price is not as high as that of some of its models street and the magi can fetch it to the kids who want to look a star in his trike without having to sign a mortgage to several years.

Mercedes-AMGfinally, we will be attentive to what the mark of the star we can bring to you as it would not be the first time that a signature distract the staff with a little exercise of style, and after the calm comes after storm us scoop of wiping the drool with both hands.

For anything Paris is about to fall and we will be pending of everything that happens in it.

Source – Mercedes-AMG