Updating the SEAT Ibiza debuted at the Barcelona Motor Show


SEAT-IBIZA-2015-FL-1 L or that at one point it was thought that it would be a new generation, he finally ended up being an visual and technological renovation . The SEAT Ibiza 2015, today debuted world premiere under the Barcelona Motor Show .

The update has some very minor exterior cosmetic ingredients, perhaps too mild, but focused on improvements in technology .

For the new generation will have to wait, as the only Ibiza updated.

Outwardly only has changed the design of the wheels they are all versions of the new format, while some have incorporated new colors for the body. But the body is benefiting from the possibility of incorporating new customization options.

According to the mark indicating exterior aesthetics era and modern enough to have the need to modify , for which it must wait for his generational change, which anyway is quite close.

Between new customization possibilities , the new Ibiza can be combined with some touches of color that may be present in the carcasses of mirrors, in alloy wheels, grille and even in the cockpit , in decorating the steering wheel, climate control outputs and the shifter, among others.

But the most important developments were reserved for the interior, and the panel has been updated, incorporating s ystem improved infotainment . But also materials and finishes were updated to improve the perceived quality .

SEAT-IBIZA-2015-FL-3 With the advent of the system Easy Connect multimedia equipment, a utility that was already present in the larger models of SEAT, the new Ibiza 2015 benefits from the incorporation of a greater integration with mobile phones . It has touch screen, built-in browser and Technology Mirror Link .

The carrier incorporated new materials improved the perceived quality.

addition allows synchronization via USB port and the Bluetooth link with both smart phones as portable music players. SEAT plans to develop with Samsung new mobile applications for use with the OS Android.

On a technological level, the SEAT Ibiza 2015 opens a set of autonomous collision avoidance braking and a system for detecting driver fatigue. It can also be equipped with a system called SEAT Drive Profile to adjust the car’s behavior by selecting different driving modes.

In this way the driver can adjust the car’s behavior according to their needs or tastes, as the system is responsible for changing the timing of the suspension or steering assistance, among others.

Under the hood there are also new, since in their range Ibiza 2015 incorporated the newest VAG engines. It will be offered with the most basic to a three-cylinder 1.0-liter, which in its normally aspirated version has an output of 75 hp and the turbocharged variant TSI is available in versions of 95 or 110 horsepower versions.

SEAT-IBIZA-2015-FL-4 Another who joined was the TSI to block 1.4 liters and 150 horsepower associated with disconnection system cylinders which I could automatically disconnect two cylinders according to maximize energy savings. Thanks to this technology, engineers achieved fuel consumption 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers .

The 1.4-liter TSI engine can operate with only two cylinders to save fuel

There will be diesel variants, including comes as new TDI-block, 3-cylinder 1.4-liter , which in its most austere version 75 horses force offers high energy efficiency, with only 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers .

In addition the family of diesel complete with options 90 and 105 horsepower.

The complete range is standard with system starting and stopping the engine automated Start & Stop , allowing further improve energy efficiency. The DSG automatic transmission double clutch however, is reserved only for units equipped with the TSI engine with 110 hp and 90 hp TDI, all other versions are associated with manual six relationships .

Marketing in the main European markets started immediately after Barcelona Motor Show , but their prices have not yet been defined by the manufacturer. SEAT-IBIZA-2015-FL-2


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