Urchfab, an awesome hot rod that likes to go sideways

Urchfab is the strange name of this experiment with wheels. His owner had an accident that prevented him from playing sports, so he decided to build a car for drifting. I had enough experience in welding, and had managed to buy a piece of Ford Anglia for just £ 100. Thus began the project Urchfab, that would end up leading to a kind of Frankenstein with four wheels who loves to go sideways. What secrets hides this interesting vehicle? Carfection us account.

To exhaust free and with the engine Saab in the air, there is very little in the Ford Anglia in the year 1952.

After restoring the piece of bodywork salvageable of the Ford Anglia, built several sub-frame in which you mounted the engine, and an outline of the suspensions independent. The engine has roots in british, but it is a Saab 2.0 turbo. How? It was a motor originally designed by Triumph, Saab readaptó, reinforced and sobrealimentó using a turbocharger until you reach the 175 CV of some 900 Turbo Aero. In an ultra-light frame, sending all its power to the rear-wheel drive, is an absolute delight.

The car had a serious accident that destroyed part of its chassis, and the owner still has problems to find the tuning more suitable for the suspension. The car has too much grip and it is not easy to make a skid, one of the causes that provoked the accident. It is a project that evolves, and we like that there are still wackos who love to create vehicles from scratch.

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