Use of mobile phone at the wheel as socially unacceptable in the Uk

Sustitución de carné de conducir por aplicación móvil smartphoneTravel by car with a mobile phone can be our salvation in the event of an accident or failure, but using a mobile phone behind the wheel can change everything, and to provoke us to an accident. Since the use of mobile phones began to generalize to the beginning of XXI century, quickly the records of accidents we would see that it was not a compatible use while driving.

however, and despite the danger I found of use while driving, it is still usual to find someone who will at the wheel, and with the mobile glued to the ear, although on the whole it is easier to be with the head down and by writing messages or taking a look at social networks. It is also not too complicated to see someone taking a “selfie” in full dual carriageway.

Opel Adam Cargador inalambrico smartphonesThe british prime minister, Theresa May, aims to change that, and make it to base major economic sanctions and removed from the permit driving. Its goal is to change the mindset of the population with this act of danger at the wheel, want it to be an act socially unacceptable. Apparently, the british government decided to take action in the matter after few months ago killed four people from the same family an accident in a tourism against a truck. The driver of the heavy vehicle was distracted with his mobile phone.

Among other measures, May has announced that by 2017, is going to duplicate sanctions to whoever “caught” at the wheel with mobile phone. Therefore, the withdrawal of points for this offence will increase from three to six points, while the fines economic rise of 100 to 200 pounds, that is to say, of about € 115 to about 230. May said: “The sentence must fit the crime for those who kill or severely damage on our roads, and should deter other drivers cause unnecessary harm just for the sake of taking a call or send a text“.

These measures will not affect us in Spain, but it is sad to see that we are not able to realize for ourselves of the danger take a look at the social networks, to answer a whatsapp or make a call with our mobile phones while we are behind the wheel. Whether it’s in the city, secondary road or highway, the mobile distracts a lot and makes us travel several meters without paying attention to the road deserves.

Source – Auto Express