V12 hybrid supercar, the SUV Maybach and anti-Tesla: the three rumors this week Mercedes-Benz

There are a number of rumors that occasionally resurfaces. Sometimes statements are responsible for a brand they shoot those rumors. The failure to deny it, necessarily involves (notice the ironic tone) that the rumor can be realized. Although not as common, sometimes the rumors are raised at once. Maybe that’s why these days is talking about a new supercar – well above even the Mercedes-AMG GT – hybrid engine V12 ; of one SUV of luxury with the seal of Mercedes-Maybach ; and an electric sedan in the style of Tesla Model S . Or maybe it has to do, and much that in recent days it has entered into an IAA, probably the most important for a brand like Mercedes-Benz. Is there any truth to these rumors?

1. A super-powered V12 hybrid . From Autoblog point to a conversation with a head of Mercedes-AMG for interpreting they would already be working at a sporting even more impressive beast. A beast that could have motor V12 and a sort of, perhaps similar to that used by the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and laferrari hybrid system. A hybrid system with two functions, to further enhance their performance and to provide a small electric range for short distances without using its powerful and polluting combustion engine.

project seems too bold, do not you think?


The first SUV from Mercedes-Maybach will have to wait

2. A Mercedes-Maybach SUV . Less crazy about the idea of ​​creating a SUV high-flying, now that Bentley Bentayga already been presented and is generating controversy and interest. Automotive News pointed to a statement by Andreas Zygan, head of the SUV regard, recognizing that Mercedes-Benz was interested in any niche SUV commercial that made sense. And SUV have the great luxury. Now one would create a new model or transform the Mercedes GL an even more luxurious and elegant product, in true Class S of SUV . A product that probably would succeed in certain regions such as the Middle East, and China.


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3. The Tesla Mercedes-Benz . The presentation of the prototype Concept IAA was the timing confirm that Mercedes-Benz is working on an electric vehicle with over 400 km of autonomy (Automotive News). Audi will launch theirs – one moment SUV – in the coming years. And Mercedes-Benz would not want to stay out of the race, although it does not confirm the body chosen for such a product.

Meanwhile, the future and present of Mercedes-Benz is the plug-in hybrid that will cover almost all models of its sedan range and SUV .

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view photos (18)


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