Valeet, the app valet parking economic for the centre of Madrid

Aplicación de aparcamiento en Madrid Valeet

we do Not say anything new when we discussed that large cities are saturated with vehicles and traffic. In Spain, in capitals such as Madrid or Barcelona, it is quite difficult to find free parking, even in car parks, where if we find the place we will stay by one eye of the face. Much encouraged lately by the public transport, but there are situations in which this is not an alternative, and it is not more remedy than to go in our private car.

To to remove the long periods of time in search of a parking space is born Valeet. Valeet is an application that we can download it in our mobile and that provides a simple service that, at least us, we did not know: using the app (for iOs and Android) , we indicate where we’re headed and when we get to the destination a driver of the company will be waiting for us. He will be our car and saved in private parking and guarded until you want to retrieve the warning from the application.

Aplicación de aparcamiento en Madrid Valeet

According to tell us from Valeet, on average, lose a few 20 minutes every time you seek parking, pointing out also that the 32 % of the fines issued are for parking. Their drivers, they say, are professional, to be uniformed and identified, so that seems to be a reliable service. They travel from the parking to the place where we pick up the vehicle using a scooter folding, arriving in a few minutes to the right place.

The company says that we should not fear for if something happens to our vehicle, because they are professional drivers, but, in addition, come with an insurance agreement with AXA which covers up to € 1 million. Valeet operates in the downtown area of Madrid, in the neighborhoods of Malasaña, Recoletos, Justice, and the barrio de Salamanca. For 2017 intended to reach Barcelona.

In relation to prices the service, 5 euros at the time includes both the collection and delivery of our car as the parking time. Make it clear that the maximum cost of the service will be 25 euro, so that the maximum period of continued service, we understand, is 5 hours.