Valencia will host the pre-season Formula E


The Formula E will change the circuit in the off-season from the ‘Season Four’. After use during the first three years of the facilities of Donington Park as a logistic base of the event and as a test track, the teams have decided to change from scenario to prepare for the season 2017-18. With the contract with Donington expired, and with several teams in process change of venue, all parties understand that it makes no sense to return to the path british as the weather is usually not favorable and in addition to the track is not suited to the needs of the cars of the Formula E.

the cycle has Finished three years at Donington Park and eliminated the obligation to operate from there, ‘Autosport’ has revealed that Valencia is the venue chosen to host the pre-season of the Formula E. The path Spanish account with enough space to house ten computers in a comfortable way, enjoys a climate a priori favorable and in addition it presents different configurations of track that adapt better to the demands proper of a cars electrical that compete throughout the season on street circuits. The variant to be used will be the one that best suits the consumption type of the batteries.

The quoted half explains that the pre-season of the Formula E thave place between days 2 and 5 October, with a rest day. It has not yet been decided whether the season will be to open doors like that at Donington, a track that is not separated entirely from the Formula And by its proximity to East Midlands Airport, where it operates DHL as a partner of the category. All in all, Valencia is drawn as a perfect choice since a large part of the equipment already used tracks in spain and Calafat or Guadix during his 15-day test private.