Valentino Balboni now will make parts to improve the Lamborghini

Valentino Balboni tuning LamborghiniIf you are a staunch follower of Lamborghini sure that you will meet the protagonist of this story. Valentino Balboni has been a important man within the brand of Sant’agata, because for four decades, was its test pilot. He was hired by Ferruccio Lamborghini in person and it premiered with the last Miura SV. Such has been its importance that even had a car with his name: the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni.

But after more than 40 years at the service of the Italian brand, Balboni retired a while ago. Now back to the light to show that has never left the world of automotive. Proof of this is your new career, your own company that receives the name of VB (initial) and that will do parts that improve the performance in some vehicles. And not any, only models of Lamborghini, as could not be otherwise.

Valentino Balboni tuning LamborghiniVB will be filed in California this month, in the exclusive Concours d’elegance of Pebble Beach. Fortunately, we can already admire the first creation of Balboni and his people. It is a exhaust system made of titanium that has been made specifically for the Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce. This escape of four outputs, in addition you look stunning in the photos, you will have a spectacular performance.

Thanks to the use of titanium, this piece will be very light and announces a weight of only 6.3 kg. Another of the promises of Valentino Balboni is that it will have “a new dimension of sound“, so that we die of desire to hear it live. Each exhaust has been hand made and it has taken more than 350 hours of work. Only will be 30 units, being a piece highly exclusive and that is sure to reach a price high enough.

Valentino Balboni tuning LamborghiniSource – Valentino Balboni

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