Valentino Rossi: “the beginning of the final makes it all very difficult”


Disappointment, resignation, and strength. These three symptoms has been transmitted Valentino Rossi during the press conference offered at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo of Valencia. The Italian assumes the decision of the TAS that forces him to exit at the last position of the grill in the last and decisive race of the year. The Yamaha rider appeals to the concentration of staff and the usual routine of the Great Prizes to face a career in which you will have to trace so meteoric if you want to keep any option to be able to get the MotoGP title.

Valentino Rossi began his speech by asserting that: the beginning of the final makes it all very difficult. It was already complicated before, but now, begun the latter is much more hard, from several points of view,”. The Italian has shown in spite of everything more moderate with respect to their interventions in Sepang: “We are here, we have to exert ourselves to the utmost, to maintain the concentration, try to do a good job during the weekend and reach by being competitive and in the best possible way to the race on Sunday. Then we’ll see what happens”.

The nine-time World Champion of Motorcycling remarked his idea: When the latter is difficult to prepare a strategy. We have to work during the weekend, but you begin the last means facing more risks. We should choose a good setting, to match the tires and give everything I have inside of me. I Hope to fight with all the cleaning possible. The Italian is expected to: “Everything runs normally, as any other weekend of the Grand Prix. Valencia is always fantastic, there are always great races and many times they have decided championships. I Hope everything is normal“.


Asked about the different views expressed in these weeks, Valentino Rossi has it clear: “Many people have spoken of the race of Malaysia. I decided to explain to the TAS that I was trying to fight for the championship in a normal way. The only thing that is clear is that the injunction is not approved. Apart from that, Carmelo Ezpeleta and FIM have asked us not to make more comments”. Despite this, the ’46’ maintains its position: “at The end I did not have another option. The only thing I regret is having me open so much and not follow my plotted as usual. But apart from that nothing. I Prefer to speak of this weekend.

¿to Be a champion? Valentino Rossi doesn’t want to go on assumptions: “it Is very difficult to start thinking in concrete possibilities. There are the possibilities that I have, we have to work and on the rest no idea”. In fact, the Italian maintained their customs: I always try to follow the same routine. If you had the opportunity to start in a normal position would be more quiet. I followed my normal routine because I think for 10 days that would be in a normal position and I heard today that that is not so. I will behave as if you were among the top ten in Q2, and it is important to do so así”.