Valladolid has produced a million Renault Capture in just 4 years

The Renault Capture is a model that always lies between the posts highest sales in its category, that is to say, the segment B-SUV; in the which competes with models like the Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008, to name just a few. One of the things that we like the Renault Capture is that occurs in our country, specifically on the ground that the French brand has in Valladolid.

Drives on the market just over 4 years, having started its production in February of 2013, and yesterday the assembly gave “birth” to the Renault Capture number 1,000,000 manufactured in the plant of Valladolid. Even if it is just one unit, to reach this figure is a very important data for the brand, for the plant of valladolid and to all the staff that work there.

unity 1.000.000 corresponds to a Renault Capture in orange colour atakama, with black roof and with the engine TCe 120 HP that is produced in the engine plant in Valladolid, equipping also the gearbox TL4 that occurs in Seville. Difficult to be more “Made in Spain”. This drive is going to the United Kingdom and, therefore, takes the steering wheel on the right side.

The plant of Valladolid is working with three turns of production, as the success of this model forced to enhance the workforce. From is this place the Renault Capture is exported to 72 destinations different from the 5 continents, although 78% of the entire production is in Europe, as it is a product designed mostly for the european market. In total, says the French brand, is manufactured up to 760 different versions of this model.

For us, it is strategic to keep working day to day for the quality of Capture is beyond reproach and continue to have a lead vehicle, competitive and cost-effectivestated Rafael Vazquez, director of the factory Body Mount of Valladolid.

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