Valtteri Bottas: “The wind now has a larger effect”


In the first week of testing in Barcelona, have been able to observe times velocísimos, the best of the last decade, down on the third day of the barrier of 1:20. In the current version of the circuit, which made its debut in 2007, only reached times faster in the tests of 2008, and it is hoped that even those records fall. With this, take it to the limit these new cars in the first shots of contact has been particularly difficult for some pilots, being the problems of Lance Stroll the most publicized.

however, another pilot who also happened to difficulties in the asphalt of Montmeló was Valtteri Bottas. The finn, on his second day of testing as the new Mercedes driver, he suffered a spin at the exit of turn 9, the faster the circuit, the lose sudden control of his car, knocking very lightly on the outer wall of the track.

In this regard, the Finnish driver has been theorized that loss of control would have occurred due to the complicated wind conditions in the circuit last Tuesday, and that change to a few cars much more aerodynamic also makes them much more vulnerable to gusts, windy:

“On the second day, in high wind conditions, the cars gave a feeling a bit nervous in general. I think the wind has a greater effect now because the downforce absolute that occurs is greater. And if you’re a gust of wind, you lose more amount of aerodynamics of which before was lost, so that makes it a little more complicated.”

, Bottas wanted to rule out that the blame for the incidents were the tires, which have been the subject of discussion this week by a perceived tendency to lose grip suddenly due to their lower ability to take temperature in order to increase the durability and reduce wear when following another car: “Speaking of tyres, from my perspective, there is a huge difference in terms of how sudden is the loss of grip”.

The finn believes that it is something that only occurs in the range more hard compounds of Pirelli: Only in the event that the tires do not have sufficient temperature, which is easy in this kind of conditions, in particular with the tires more hard, it can be tricky to make them work sometimes. Are more uncontrollable if you have oversteer, it is very sudden, but with the compounds softer, as you get to take temperature, the sensations of sliding or losing grip are quite similar to those of last year“.