Vanderhall Venice: the three wheels more affordable from the american manufacturer

Vanderhall is a
us-based manufacturer specialised in the creation of these small
“toys” of three wheels that make the delight of lovers of the world
engine during a “track day”. Although their models are not sold in the
old continent, for our readers who reside in north America, is a brand
to take into account as opposed to other alternatives such as Polaris and Slingshot.

Vanderhall Venice

Vanderhall Venice, the new model of access to the range of the american manufacturer.

The latest creation of the guys from Vanderhall receives the name of Venice, and placed as the new access model to its range, both for performance and for endowment, and, of course, price. For those who seek a model of this nature but do not want to shell out a large amount of money, it certainly will be a very interesting option.

The new Vanderhall Venice comes to the market with the goal (according to company) offer the pleasure of driving the open sky for a price more “reasonable”. And that is, let us remember, that to date, the Lagoon was the model of access to the range Vanderhall and its price in part from the 49.950$ (47.850€). One of the main factors that have allowed Vanderhall reduce the price of the Venice with respect to other models in its range is the use of panels that wrap around the aluminium chassis. For example, the Lagoon uses carbon fiber.

on the other hand and in regard to the standard equipment of the Vanderhall Venice, the truth is that we are not speaking of an endowment very lush, however, has elements such as a computer sound BT of 600 watts, 18-inch wheels, BRAKE, assistant brake, Bluetooth connectivity and a heating system.

Vanderhall Venice

The Vanderhall Venice is propelled by a motor 1.4 turbo source General Motors.

In addition, the external elements mentioned above, such as the headlights, the finishes for the grille and other details. Another detail to take into account of Venice is that it has a ‘trunk’ with a load capacity of 75 litres. It is not something excessive, but if we take into account the use that can be given to this vehicle, it is a figure more than reasonable.

And what is the (mechanical? The new Vanderhall Venice is powered by a engine 1.4-litre turbocharged source General Motors with four-cylinder engine that throws about 200 HP. And all this with a weight of only 624 kilograms. The engine is associated with a six-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to this set of factors, the small Venice is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 km/h.

Currently the Vanderhall Venice as can be booked on payment of a signal of 250$ (240€). The total price of the “little girl” is 29.950$ (28.656€). Will be available, at the moment, in three colors: Black Metallic, Pearl White and Metallic Grey.