Vandoorne and Ocon are considering F1 as a single objective for 2017


The belgian driver of McLaren, and the frenchman Mercedes are
in accordance with a plan of preparation to compete in the Formula 1, and
believe that the time has come to become pilots holders,
regardless of the computer that you get it.

Are probably, the two pilots are better prepared and with higher
options form part of the grid of Formula 1 drivers to
in the coming year. Both have a good number of miles to
on board of a F1 and Vandoorne, even as has made his debut and scored this
season in the Bahrain Grand Prix
, in which we replaced
Fernando Alonso.

In the case of the belgian driver of McLaren, his team is investigating
the option of putting next to the champion Spanish the year
, but Jenson Button still has options to continue.

Stoffel Vandoorne, who won with authority in GP2 in 2015 and this year
competes in the SuperFormula japan, it is clear that now it’s only
a possible step: to compete in Formula 1 next year.

“The main goal is to be in Formula 1 in the year that
comes. I have a contract with McLaren and I want to be on this team. I have
spent a lot of time here with the engineers and I feel that we have done
the perfect preparation, there’s not much more I can do
. Now
I have to get the steering wheel. I would like to run on this computer
but, if for any reason it is not possible, I am optimistic about
other options available”.

“I’ve done a Great Prize, I’ve been quite a few days uploaded to
a Formula 1 car and I have shown that my speed is quite
similar to them (Alonso and Button). I see
this year as a preparation for the coming
. I’m not
tired of the simulator, although it will never be like a real car. Have
many things to test, and neither is wrong, especially for me,
as a young pilot, the power to review many configurations
steering wheel. When the shooting is so limited, it is a useful tool
for us. Attempt to make the most of every day you step in there”.

Esteban Ocon, for its part, currently competes in the DTM with
Mercedes and has a double with the mark of the star and
with Renault, the team that is getting the most of your
shooting, both in test private as well as in practice sessions
free some Big Prizes. Frederic Vasseur has already made clear
they are evaluating the young French to place you as a pilot
holder in 2017
, something that Mercedes is really complicated, because
in the case of having a free slot in the team, Pascal Wehrlein is
the best placed to occupy it.

“I Think that yes (I’m ready). The team is happy.
I’m ready to compete. I’ve been in the paddock of the Formula 1
for a long time and I’m prepared to run as soon as
the opportunity. The boss will decide what he wants to Renault. My
goal is to be in Formula 1 next year. I am
working as hard as I can and I’m getting ready for the year
. It is still early to talk about that, I have some free
pending and I have to focus on that, not on what another”.

“I’m a pilot of Renault, but I’m managed by
Mercedes. If there is an opportunity, wherever it may be, I will take.
The boss is deciding these things and I am focused 100% on my
, in the work that I do. It is not my task manage
that. I am confident in the people that does it for me”.