Vandoorne: “I don’t know what to expect of 2017, many things don’t depend on me”


The new year is always an unknown for pilots and engineers, but 2017 will be even more as a result of the new regulation which comes into force next year. In addition, Stoffel Vandoorne will face his first season as a pilot owner and he will do it in a big team and with the pilot more competitive from the grill: Fernando Alonso.

For the young talented belgian, it is difficult to set goals because the performance of the car it will be a mystery. “this Is the first time that I face a season without knowing what to expect from it, so I focus on the details with the team. I make sure I don’t forget things and give it all in the simulator to avoid making mistakes. In practice I carry it well, but you have to wait to see what results it gives”, recognized Vandoorne on statements gathered by

Until now, Vandoorne has been accustomed to the lower categories, in which the cars are basically the same for all teams. But in Formula 1, each car is a different world and that is why Stoffel focuses on work in the simulator and with the members of the team McLaren to minimize the process of adaptation as much as possible. “this Is the first time that I face a season and I don’t know what to expect from it because there are many things that do not depend on myself. In contrast, in the categories of promotion all over the world have the same car and you really focus on creating a team around you and make sure that the car is better suited to you than the rest. And then you can win the championship”.