Vandoorne: “it Was a day of opposing sensations”


Three motors with problems in five days of test. The balance
team McLaren so far this preseason is any thing less
positive, in spite of the efforts of all the parties. With all and in spite of
the tension apparent between McLaren and Honda, the fifth day of the test
Barcelona can be describe as a day of lights and shadows, the entire time after
replace the unit of power, Stoffel Vandoorne has been able to jump to the track and
complete a total of 80 laps
. The belgian has finished with a best time of
1:22.537, the best record in the Mclaren MCL32 so far this preseason.

Stoffel Vandoorne jumped onto the track in the morning and even though your
work during the first third of the day was positive, Honda has detected a
anomaly of electric energy in the power unit, so it was decided to replace it
to the full. These efforts prevented the belgian to return to the track until 16
hours: Today was a day of opposing sensations for us. Have another
problem in the power unit has of course been frustrating for all.
All in all, the team took care of the breakdown extremely well and I am happy
because we managed to get back on track by the afternoon

Losing time of the track is not ideal recognized
Vandoorne, who, with the whole closed the day with the most number of laps
accumulated by the McLaren MCL32 and with the best weather of the first five
test days for the team. “Even so, when we were on track
we managed to complete a large part of our test program. Learned
much more on the car today
. We have tried many different things to level
aerodynamic, balance, and commissioning. we Also reviewed a large
number of procedures
, and behaviors of the car that you will need to have
in mind in Australia”.


By way of conclusion, Vandoorne said: has Not been the
perfect way to begin the second week of testing
, but taking into account
the problems that we’ve had, we’ve still managed to complete a good number
of laps. I’ll stick with that and I hope that tomorrow we can spend more time on
and with a performance more robust to be able to collect more data that lead to