Vandoorne, sure that if there is no place in McLaren, there will be in other teams


The belgian driver made his debut with
brilliance in the last Bahrain Grand Prix, in which we replaced
an injured Fernando Alonso. In that race, the current
champion of the GP2 and currently competes in the Super Formula
japanese, won the first point for McLaren this season.

From months ago is da
almost done that Stoffel Vandoorne will replace Jenson Button in the alignment holder of 2017, but the young pilot still
not confirmed, as
you can get rid of the statements offered by the pilot and
“I Talk a lot
with Ron and Eric at each Grand Prix and in the
factory. I try to push all I can. I think that I have had
the opportunity to race in Bahrain will have helped a lot, but in
this time nothing is decided. I hope the decision arrives more
soon than later”

Boullier did not rule out the transfer

Eric Boullier has already confirmed
a few days ago that the priority for McLaren is to lay to Stoffel in a
seat holder next year and do it on the computer
Woking is a possibility, but that there is also the option of
transferring it to another computer. “McLaren
it is a possibility and, of course, would be welcomed with arms
open for all the team. It really is part of the family. It
confirmed what we already knew, that is to say, that is very
good. But then what
demonstrated to all the
world. Currently,
other computers can
to be taken in
account for 2017”

The option of riding for
another team is something that Stoffel Vandoorne also deck, recognizing
feel “very
confident about the
options for the coming year. Obviously, I have a contract with
McLaren and I’m with the team since a long time ago, so
definitely my priority is to get a seat holder in
this computer. But, if for some reason, it is not possible, I have
confidence that there will be opportunities in another place”

a few days Ago, Eric Boullier was asked about the possibility of transferring to the belgian driver to Renault, which has already made it clear that we seek to grow with young pilots, and not with big stars. The French denied it and saw with good eyes the possibility of that, but Frederic Vasseur was not excited about with having to work and develop a pilot for a year, then see how is going to a rival.