Vandoorne: “The goal is to drive a McLaren, can’t I just focus on Alonso”


Stoffel Vandoorne will take on Fernando Alonso to one of the drivers more difficult to overcome than the grill, but the belgian driver says that your goal should not be that, but the overall progress of the team.

Vandoorne, who already scored on his debut in Formula 1 at the Bahrain Grand Prix from 2016, replacing the own Fernando Alonso, has accumulated a lot of prestige in the ranks and is now before your chance final as a Formula 1 driver.

McLaren has allowed him to learn first-hand the inner workings of the team thanks to their work in the reserve driver and Stoffel Vandoorne has been able to know very well the working methods of Fernando Alonso. “of course I’ve been working with him the past two years and I’ve seen how you work with the team and how it is driven. It is very competitive and everyone knows his skills and he still believes that is one of the best. So I will have a very good point of reference, confessed in an interview with Motorsport.

But if something is clear Vandoorne is that your goal should not be to defeat the Spanish, but to work in the most efficient manner possible in order to maximize their performance and contribute to the progress of the team. Only the possibility of overriding his partner will arrive. “For me it would be a mistake to focus only on Fernando. I think that our main goal is to return to McLaren-Honda to the head and that is what we will focus. I have to make sure to get the most out of every situation, not make silly mistakes and do the right thing. When I do, I usually have good results, so this should be my main goal”, said the belgian driver who in 2016 competed in the Super Formula in japan.

Vandoorne has Jenson Button -now ambassador for McLaren – and Fernando Alonso to two excellent mirrors in which to look to learn the way to break into Formula 1, something that Stoffel did not think missed. “I’ve been in a good position to see both sides of the box (Alonso and Button), how to prepare your weekend. It is something that I don’t have much experience yet. But I have some ideas and expectations about how to do this and having the opportunity to work with them, I will have more information”.