Vandoorne: “to Be in Q3 in Silverstone was unexpected”


Stoffel Vandoorne has achieved a positive qualifying session in the Great Britain GP, home race for McLaren. The good performance of the MCL32 has allowed him to reach Q3 for the second time this season -the previous one was in Monaco – and finish with the ninth best time, registration has become a eighth position following the penalty of five squares swept down Valtteri Bottas for the replacement of the gearbox in his car. Eric Boullier and Yusuke Hasegawa have had very good words for your pilot.

Stoffel Vandoorne, with the eighth position on the grid under the arm, explained: “to Be in Q3 at Silverstone, it was something unexpected, but I have worked very well during the last couple of races. They have clearly seen improvements within the team in Azerbaijan in Austria and here in Silverstone this weekend. I have matched the pace of Alonso. It is obvious that it is a feeling pretty good the power to take this step forward“.

Several pilots have an extra classification, but the joint conditions helped us

Analyzing the classification, the McLaren driver explained the steps taken to anticipate the changing conditions of the session: “we Expected to have joint conditions during the qualifying session and I think that allowed us to be pretty solid on the track throughout the training. Then, when the track dried completely, we took advantage of every opportunity that we had and not made any ruling“.

Satisfied with his performance, Vandoorne was cautious with the result achieved, especially by the conditions in which it has achieved: “As usual, the fight in the middle of the grill is very even. Usually we see as several pilots have an extra classification, but the joint conditions helped us today. Each time he came out to the track, it achieved a lap time better than the previous one. I think that the ninth position of the Q3 is the maximum we could achieve today“.