Vandoorne: “We have a lot to improve as a team”


Stoffel Vandoorne has completed his last day of test in Barcelona, once more with a taste of bittersweet. The belgian is satisfied with the sensations within the McLaren MCL32, to the point of begin find the limits of the car. However, a new problem in the power unit Honda, a priori to the electric level, has become to limit the work of the belgian driver. In what has almost become a tradition in the bosom of McLaren, Stoffel has looked at the positive side and has been happy with the evolution of the car in terms of performance.

Stoffel Vandoorne has finished with the seventh best time, but has also caused two red flags. In relation to these problems, the belgian said: This morning we had some kind of electrical problem, but we have yet to know the motive yet. The team and Honda are now investigating what has failed, but at this moment I don’t have a clear answer. We have not been able to give all the laps that we wanted and it is evident that we have to improve as a team, that is for sure. I hope for Melbourne come some improvements”.

Reviewed the most unpleasant part of the day, Vandoorne has made special
emphasis on the good feelings about the car: The time tagging has
been positive for the spins that we’ve given
. I felt confident and
I have been able to attack like I wanted to. We are taking steps to improve the car. I would have liked to give more
laps. All in all,
I think that I am 100% prepared for the race. McLaren has done a great
work to prepare the face of the new season. At the end of the
riders need time to adapt to the car and although we have not
had the desired, I feel confident and trained to force the pace
the coche


In this line, Vandoorne added: I can find the limits
and that is something positive
. I just think in getting the maximum performance out of the car,
because I believe that we will be able to finish the race. We Are McLaren-Honda,
one of the biggest teams of the Formula 1. It will not be easy to turn around
the situation that we went through. There is much work to be done, sure. We push
very strong as a team, both on the part of McLaren as the Honda.
All. must Not fall into the frustration, but to try to give it my all in each
back. In Melbourne we expect a new package of innovations. With luck
we will see an improvement in Australia”.

In relation to his team-mate, the belgian added:
“I’ve talked a lot with Fernando Alonso, is something normal. It is winter and it is the
start of the season. we Both know that the situation is far from being the
, but we’re going to push very strong together to bring the team the most
far away as possible. Every lap on track is valuable, and a chance to bring to
McLaren in the right direction. The team is very professional also
in difficult times
. All over the world expected to arrive here on a better
situation, but it is what we have and we must get out of here”.