Vanthoor and Vervisch win with the Audi R8 LMS at Misano


The mistakes in the Qualifying Race was no more than that, a
oversight. At the time of the truth the superiority evidenced during different
moments of the weekend has become a reality in the main race.
Laurens Vanthoor and Frederic Vervisch will have earned the victory at Misano
controls of the Audi R8 LMS #1 Team WRT. With this win, the couple belgian
became the first leader of the ‘Sprint Cup’ of the Blancpain GT Series.
Podium for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 and the BMW M6 GT3 #99 of Rowe.
After a touch
on departure, the couple formed by Andy Soucek and Maxime Soulet was only able to finish in the eleventh position.

Phillip Eng was the most ready at the departure of the main race of the ‘Sprint Cup’ at Misano, so much so that he placed first with the BMW M6 GT3 #99. A boot that had the opposite side on the car Soucek, since the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 with Soulet had a off the track in the first lap after a touch with the Audi R8 LMS #4, what made him fall at the end of the group. Meanwhile, Frederic Vervisch with the R8 LMS #1 and Dominik Baumann with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 aupaban to positions of the podium.

After the first few turns, the BMW M6 GT3 of Rowe and the Audi R8 LMS of Team WRT managed to break the group and leaving 2.3 seconds Dominik Baumann, almost more worried about the comeback that was bring it to completion Tristan Vautier with another of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 after getting the fourth position to the detriment of the Audi R8 LMS #4 Dries Vanthoor, although this vehicle was knocked out of the battle immediately at be sanctioned Dries Vanthoor with a Drive Through for causing the collision with the Bentley Soucek and Soulet.


taking Advantage of this circumstance and a few first ten minutes of a long level, Rob Bell took it to the McLaren 650S GT3 #58 Garage 59 to the fifth position, in part thanks to the great advancement that born on the Ferrari 488 GT3 Marco Seefried. However, the battle more interesting apart from the problems of the BMW M6 GT3 #12 and #98 with two outputs track to be developed in the lead, unfortunately for Rowe Racing. Both Vervisch as Baumann threw over Phillip Eng. And just a few corners later, Frederic Vervisch was placed as the leader, while Baumann followed his steps. Both relegaban the BMW M6 GT3 #99 TO the third position.

The battle between the three riders head allowed Tristan Vautier to join the group, all time behind Rob Bell was almost 10 seconds of loss. However, they signed a truce of non-verbal between all of them until the time of the opening of the window of pit stops, time to which the Audi A8 L,S #25 of Romain Monti came with a spinning top at its back. With the pitlane waiting for the pilots, Dominik Baumann with the Mercedes, the former F1 driver Will Stevens and Rob Bell were the first to enter to make the driver change.

The strategy was not entirely successful for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84, because it was some traffic to get back on track, contrary to a McLaren 650S GT3 #58 which marked the second best sector with Alvaro Parentea their commanders. In any case, after the passage through the pit lane for all the favorites, the first four posts will not be moved. Laurens Vanthoor kept the Audi R8 LMS #1 to the front of the classification, followed by the Mercedes-AMG GT3 of Maximilian Buhk. Third was Alex Sims with the BMW Rowe and fourth Felix Rosenqvist with the Mercedes of AKKA ASP.


despite the absence of changes of position, the step-by-pit dragged out the advantage among the four contenders to the victory to such an extent that between one and the other had at least 4.2 seconds away. That made it lose push to the second part of the race, who arrived with a tense calm to the final straight, although bent gave more of a scare-the-leader. However, nothing changed already in head in Misano and the Audi R8 LMS #1 Vanthoor and Vervisch was taken up with the first victory of the ‘Sprint Cup’.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84 of Buhk and Baumann finished second, while the abandonment of Felix Rosenqvist with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #88 a minute from the end gave the podium to the competition. The third place was for the BMW M6 GT3 #99 of Rowe. Fourth, for its part was the McLaren 650S GT3 #99 Bell and Parente, while the top five completed the Audi R8 LMS #75 ISR. Outside the top ten but after a great comeback with a rhythm endiablado of Soucek, the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 Soulet and Soucek went on to finish in twelfth position, falling to a sigh, to add a point, award just for their effort.

finally, it should be noted that the Ferrari 488 GT3 #11 has been
the victory in the category Pro-AM Cup
thanks to the good work throughout the career of Michal
Broniszewski and Giacomo Piccini, while the victory in the Silver Cup has
been to the Audi R8 LMS #5
Markus Pommer and Nicolaj Moller Madsen.

Qualifying Race Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup Misano

Position Pilots* Car Time
1 Vanthoor / Vervisch Audi R8 LMS Team WRT 38 laps
2nd Baumann / Buhk Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +1.626
Eng / Sims
BMW M6 GT3 Rowe Racing +23.374
4th Bell / Parente McLaren 650S GT3 Garage 59 +30.611
5th Stippler / Salaquarda Audi R8 LMS ISR +39.485
6th Seefried / Siedler Ferrari 488 GT3 Rinaldi Racing +52.368
7th Szymkowiak / Schneider Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +52.693
8th Ide / Harvest Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +53.542
Giammaria / Perez Companc
Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 AF Corse +55.019
10th Zampieri / Niederhauser Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Attempto Racing +59.721