Vanthoor wins the Qualifying Race of the FIA GT World Cup


Laurens Vanthoor has scored the
victory in the Qualifying Race of the FIA GT World Cup
, a triumph that serves to
occupy the first position of the grid in the final race of the end of
week in Macau. The Audi driver, who started in second position, saw
benefited from the accident of Edo Mortara in the output, and was able to surpass the
a couple of pilots of Porsche formed by Earl Bamber and Kévin Estre
, being the
first of these is under investigation by the touch with Edo. For your
part, Mortara has finished the thirteenth, but can also be penalized.

Audi started the race with doublet on the grill, although in a turn, the panorama changed completely. Nothing more to be given out, Earl Bamber seemed to touch a Edo Mortara who lost control of his Audi R8 LMS, hitting the shields and falling to the bottom of the grill. A lap later, Nico Müller suffered a strong crash at the same point, what was Laurens Vanthoor to the front of the race and at the same time as the only pilot capable of saving the honor of Audi. Earl Bamber was placed second and Kévin Estre third party before the departure of the Safety Car.

Removed the car of Nico Müller, the Safety Car gave way again to the competition. Laurens Vanthoor managed to retain the first position in spite of the pressure of the official drivers of Porsche, while Maro Engel and Renger Van der Zande followed in the miss bellows with its Mercedes-AMG GT. However, the accident of John Shen and Ma Ching Yeung returned the Safety Car to the track, which among other things served for Edo Mortara returned to pass by the pits for the second time. All in all, Mortara managed to be placed in the wake of the group with new rubbers.


The new resalida turned to leave Laurens Vanthoor to the front of the race despite the attack, each time more intense of Earl Bamber. No position changes among the top seven, and with three laps ahead, the first overtaking came on the back of the group, any time Mortara managed to win two seats. The Italian, forced to go back to try to gain the best grid position possible in the final race of the weekend, had no qualms in advance also to Ricky Capo and Pashin Lathouras to ascend to the fifteenth position and go for André Couto.

Nothing changed in the last two laps of the race and Laurens Vanthoor was done with the victory in the Qualifying Race in front of Ear Bamber and Kévin Estre. Fourth and fifth crossing the finish line Maro Engel and Renger Van der Zande with the Mercedes-AMG GT, while Adderly Fong took the Bentley Continental GT3 to the sixth place. Nicky Catsburg with the BMW M6 GT3 was seventh, while in the rear of the group, Edo Mortara managed to climb up to the thirteenth position after a touch with Darryl O Young. In this aspect, Earl Bamber for his touch in the output and the Edo Mortara is facing investigations post-race.

Times Qualifying Race FIA GT World Cup in Macau

Position Pilot Car Time / Difference
1 Laurens Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS 12 rounds
2nd Earl Bamber Porsche 911 RSR GT3 +0.786
3rd Kévin Estre Porsche 911 RSR GT3 +1.840
4th Maro Engel Mercedes-AMG GT3 +6.982
5th Renger van der Zande Audi R8 LMS +9.516
6th Adderly Fong Bentley Continental GT3 +15.748
7th Nicky Catsburg BMW M6 GT3 +17.820
8th Fabian Plentz Audi R8 LMS +19.299
9th Hiroki Yoshimoto Ferrari 488 GT3 +21.017
10th Mirko Bortolotti Lamborghini Huracán GT3 +21.563