Vasseur: “Hülkenberg is one of the few that can win a World”


The season 2017 Renault, between the hopes of growth, has begun with a small earthquake even before the tests in Barcelona after the departure of the team Frédéric Vasseur. The leader of the French, after only one year leading the team as head of operations, reported three days ago his departure from Renault in a decision taken by mutual agreement, and instigated by their differences with Cyril Abiteboul, who happens to be the strong man of the team as Managing Director.

After Abiteboul criticase of veiled form the bicefalia within the team and the attitude of his former driver Kevin Magnussen during the season, Vasseur has spoken to the microphones of Canal+ Sport in France, in which it has developed, the current situation in the team that was their big bet for this season, Nico Hülkenberg. The German rider won a dramatic GP2 in 2009 with ART, the team Vasseur remains head, and his good relationship was key to his arrival from Force India.

Vasseur, who maintains that “my decision to leave the team was the best because it was clear that it was not working”, has said that Hülkenberg has assimilated with difficulty to his departure from the team, but that is confident in its ability to become the reference of Renault and carry the new company brand to a good port:

“I’ve put a lot of work to pilotase in Renault. Nico and I talked a lot about my decision, has been very understanding. He struggled to accept my decision, but is totally involved, and will give the maximum. That is the reason that we wanted to, the team is being restructured and, for me, it is important to have a leader. Whatever happens, Nico will be leader, and will take the team forward, is a crucial factor for success.”

Vasseur believes that Hülkenberg “it is one of the few riders that can win the World” and “is one of the riders with the most talent that I’ve seen in the lower categories in the last 10 years”, highlighting the fact that it is one of the three rookies who have won the contest after the world champions Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Also, Vasseur has also spoken of your immediate future. In addition to his work in ART, which she combined with the address of Renault in 2016, is the founder of Spark Racing Technlogies, the company commissioned to build the chassis that the Formula And used since its creation in 2014: I’m Already involved in Formula E, and I’m enjoying. I will continue with it, although I am less involved today. I also have a team in GP2, but I’m not really worried about his daily management. In the Formula 1 is concerned, we will see what the future holds”.