Vasseur is going to the address of Renault F1

Frederic Vasseur

The structure of this legendary team has undergone many changes lately, since the disappearance of Renault to become a Lotus, the change engine to Mercedes, and now the return of Renault to seize power. The performance on track and the economic hardships that have been suffered in these past few years have not left a good taste in mouth to their fans. But it seems to come more changes…

is Now known officially that the relationship between Vasseur and Renault has come to an end. Frederic Vasseur will no longer be the director of the Renault team in a very unexpected and certainly surprising. The team based in Enstone and your promising project with the return of power to the signing of the diamond seems to have remained without a head for the moment.

Renault F1 2016 Monza

The team is rebuilding, and says the official statement launched by Renault “Renault Sport Racing and Frederic Vasseur have agreed to a mutual agreement to break their contractual relationship.”. There seems to be nothing serious and announces that both parties continue to maintain the relationship and not close the door for a return in the future. So this leaves even more doubts about the why of the output.

Recall that le Vasseur came to Renault after having been in the team of the GP2 ART, when he was champion. But the pothole in which it is sunk, the computer does not seem to change as I said at the beginning, or with the name changes, nor with the motor, or now with the restructuring. Renault F1 on his return could only be in front of Manor and Sauber. I hope the thing change a little bit in this 2017…