Vasseur: “what Two leaders in Renault? Mercedes works”


Frederic Vasseur gave an interview to the French daily L’equipe, which states that to have two pilots number 1 is a very attractive and with which they feel comfortable.

To the Head of the team Renault, the formula was tested by the team Mercedes has revealed as the best, as it encourages the team to improve even more. “why our team may not be as well? Two leaders in Mercedes work perfectly. I don’t like the idea of having a good pilot and one that is not worried about the performance. The competition is a huge source of progress, it would be ideal to have two riders of the same level”.

One of the riders with more options to accompany Hülkenberg in 2017 is Esteban Ocon, who for months has worked closely with Renault and now, in Manor, is being evaluated with a view to becoming an official driver of the brand of the diamond. “Form part of our short list, it is not a secret. We will give you a few runs to monitor all the candidates for the second seat before taking the decision. Each race that passes, I provides a large amount of information. It has been seen with Ocon in Suzuka last Sunday, it is very gratifying might compare him with his team-mate, has done an excellent Grand Prix of Japan”, said Vasseur, who has always had in good esteem Ocon.


Esteban Ocon has already been working as test pilot of Renault on several occasions and has competed with ART in lower categories.

Another of the pilots who have jumped to the forefront of the present, despite the fact that it was safe to continue at Williams, Valtteri Bottas. The Finnish driver, like Hülkenberg, he passed for ART in their stage of the Formula 3 and the GP3 Series, the team managed by the now head of the team Renault. Therefore, Vasseur acknowledges that it is another pilot that he is very interested in, although in this case its output depends on Williams. “he Is someone that I know very well, I also especially like, and I watch carefully what he does. It is part of the drivers of interest. but I think that Valtteri (Bottas) has a contract with Williams. And when a rider has a contract and the team doesn’t want to let it go, it gets very complicated, yes”, says of the pilot that is expected to be confirmed shortly along with Lance Stroll as a Williams ‘ driver for 2017.