VATH leads to the Mercedes Class V to 225 horses

If wanderest to take more power in your Mercedes Class V the German coach VATH has the solution. A coup leads to reprogramming Mercedes V250CDI to beyond 200 horses, increasing its torque step. But of course the preparation of VATH does not stay only in the increase of power.

The Mercedes Class V part in Spain from 33 246 euros

A stroke of reprogramming VATH leads to V250CDI until 225 horses from the original 190 hp while its torque is increased from 440 Nm until 500 Nm .

addition VATH also offers a new set of marinas that are responsible for reducing the height of class V in 25 mm and a new supply of 20-inch tires.

The price of reprogramming is just over 1,000 euros while the springs remain at 566 euros . Tires with all four tires are the largest disbursement 2,975 euros .

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