Vauxhall Maloo LSA and VXR8: 2 kangaroos australian you didn’t know that you could buy in Europe

Is the sea of interesting practice an exercise of research, and analysis, about the cars that are traded in markets very different to our own. There are cases especially curious, as the australian market, in which we can meet with a wildlife automobile colourful and often surprising, according to the european standards. Can you imagine a tourism pick-up with engine V8 536 HP of power? Stop think of it. Not only is marketed in Australia but you can also purchase it in our continent, in Europe. And, more specifically, in the United Kingdom.

Vauxhall Maloo LSA: half pick-up, half muscle-car

Far from what we can imagine in a car with a V8 engine and over 500 horsepower, the Maloo LSA is distributed in the Uk under the classification of commercial vehicle, the most powerful on the market.

Vauxhall is the armed arm of General Motors in the United Kingdom, the brand under which products are marketed in the rest of Europe get it as Opel. What you may not know is that Vauxhall, thanks to the fact that in the Uk we drive on the left side of the road, as in Australia, will also benefit from the models that a priori were created for the australian market, as the Vauxhall Maloo LSA (known in Australia as Holden VFII UTE).

The Maloo LSA is the missing link between a commercial vehicle and a muscle-car. In fact, in the Uk it is classed as a commercial vehicle, so that you can acquire it in your business to benefit from the exemption / refund VAT (VAT). The surprise comes when you become aware of being that under the hood hides a V8 engine of 6.2-liter and 536 HP, a engine inherited from the Camaro ZL1. The Maloo LSA is the pick-up more powerful and sportier than occurs in Australia, and also the vehicle most powerful commercial from the Uk. Without the VAT, the Maloo LSA costs less than 75.000€ (at current exchange), but unfortunately there is no possibility of take it with the steering wheel to the left. Pity.


Vauxhall VXR8 GTS

No less intriguing is the case of another Vauxhall, the VXR8. From 55.000 lbs, 75.371€ at current exchange, Vauxhall sold in the Uk another oddity arrival in Australia. This is the VXR8, a sports sedan, with genes of muscle-car, rear-wheel drive, a lot of muscle, and a V8 engine with nothing more and nothing less than 585 HP of power. It is another good example of how a few australian products have found their place in the british market. Unfortunately nor can we purchase it with the steering wheel to the left.

Source: Vauxhall
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