Vehicles label ECHO will have 50 percent discount when parking in Madrid

The capital continues its fight against pollution.

The Madrid city Council has approved new Ordinances Fiscal 2017 includes significant discounts for owners of hybrid vehicles. Specifically, users with label ECO will benefit from a 50 percent discount on the rates of the parking system of the streets of the capital, that is to say, the parking meters.

Until now, users had a discount of 20 per cent, which will increase to 50 percent from June 1 of the next year 2017. This discount is applied in parking areas marked with marks of blue and green that can be found in the centre of the capital and some historical districts.

These measures were enacted on October 20, the governing Board of Madrid city Council, and yesterday, December 29, were ratified at a Full Extraordinary.

hybrid vehicles and gas powered will be the maximum benefit.

a Large part of the new measures will enter into force on the 1st of January, however, related to the new discount to hybrid vehicles may not be applied until within a few months, in order to modify properly the computer systems that regulate the system. Hence, we should expect at the end of spring to begin to actually apply the discounts.

These discounts are applied according to the energy efficiency label provided by the DGT, which classifies as an ECHO to the vehicles plug-in hybrids with autonomy greater than 40 kilometres, the hybrids are not plug-and those powered by natural gas, compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

These will end up paying in the Spanish capital up to 60 percent less vehicles more polluting.

Tag ECHO of the DGT.

This measure comes precisely when it is again have had to activate action protocols, especially in the capital, due to the high concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere, a scenario that the residents of the capital have grown a lot in recent times.

Precisely the day yesterday setting up the Scenario 3 of Protocol to episodes of high pollution in Madrid, which led to prohibit the movement of all vehicles that have registration odd.