Vehicles older than 20 years are not able to get to Paris

The city of Paris has taken a drastic measure against the pollution of the prohibit during the days of the week the entry of cars registered before the year 1997.

Renault 18 from 1 July, the vehicles are considered as the most polluting will be prohibited entry into the city of Paris. It is a measure determined by the Mayor of Paris together with the Group of Transport Authorities, who jointly agreed the measure with the Ministry of Environment.

To achieve identify the vehicles during the days that you are active this new protocol, have been established six different categories that will allow to identify all the vehicles within a scale will reflect their level of contamination. This sticker will be affixed to the windshield of the vehicle and help authorities identify in a quick way to authorized vehicles.

Since last year, had banned the entry into the city of Paris heavy-duty vehicles old and now the ban was extended to private cars, both of the four wheels that have been enrolled before the year 1997, as the motorcycles prior to the year 1999.

has been Initially established a fine of 35 euros for those vehicles that do not have the sticker identifying, but at a later stage, the penalty will increase up to the 68 euros. At the same time this measure came into force, an association of motorists filed a class-action lawsuit that points to the extent as socially unjust, because they consider that penalizes the industries lowest, which do not have the resources for the acquisition of a vehicle is more modern.