Velántur Cars, company that created the first Spanish electric


has formed a joint venture very interesting and it will pay off in the motor world. The company Navarre Jofemar (technological solutions) and the Andalusian Retrofactory (heir to the family that created the Hurtan) join forces to create a new company: Velántur Cars . Its purpose? Create the first vehicle Spanish, luxury and electric propulsion .

Both partners have a 50% stake and use the old facilities of Santana , located in Linares (Jaén). After three years devoted to research and development, Velántur Cars emerges and announces that its ambitious vehicle hit the market over 2016 . Now it has been undergoing testing on the roads of Sierra Nevada.

Vel  nturCars Nace Velántur Cars, empresa que creará el primer eléctrico español From the company describe their vehicle with the term “Art-Tech ‘ aimed at lovers of exclusive cars. What they seek is a product completely handmade and of high quality, using the best materials. The proximity of Metalworking and Transportation Technology Center and the University of Jaen also benefit the production of electricity again.

Velántur Cars has the approval of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA), belonging to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment. In addition the agency has considered interesting the idea of ​​using the facilities of Linares, also generating new jobs area.

Source – Velántur Cars

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