Velántur Cars picks up pace to make the first electric car Spanish

Velántur Cars España

Spain is one of the countries in which the investment in brands of cars new seem to not be interested in. In our country, we have several car manufacturers craftsmen who strive hard to be visible and that their models arrive to the market. However the spaniards did not believe it necessary to have a trademark country which we represent as Seat many years ago that it is not iberian of pure breed.

Until recently we have had in Spain Steal. This small business was founded in Linares (Jaén, Spain) in the year 1996 by Juan Hurtado González, a former mechanic from Pegasus, and Seat. The Steal T2 was their first model and was based on the platform components and of a Renault Clio. The main feature of a Steal was that their models were manufactured completely by hand and that his designs were inspired in the classic roadster of the 40’s and 50.

This business venture had several offshoots, as in the year 2004, it would issue to the market the Albaycin, a roadster with two doors (two or four seats) and the petrol engine of 180 hp. When it came to the year 2008 Steal launched to the market its latest model, the Grand Albaycin. This model was an evolution of the Albaycín initial but revised and improved in all its aspects. All in all, during the time that has been the signature operation has sold more than 400 cars in whole Europe.

Veántur Cars

The problem of this is that the firm has fallen into oblivion and have now been bet by other market niches. The result of this evolution was born Velántur Cars or what is the same, the firm that will build in Spain the first electric vehicles of luxury in our country. This company is born under the signatures Jofemar and Retrofactory and as a Steal they want to assemble their models in Linares, Jaén (Spain).

Velántur Cars made a few days ago a presentation of the models on which it is working. In it, Juan Ignacio Hurtado commented that “we continue to think in Linares, of course, but the scenario has changed a little since it was devised the project. Facilities of Santana are available on a part and although the aim is to manufacture in Linares will have to see what the conditions are once you start with that phase”.

For now, Velántur Cars is in a phase of search of partners, investors with which you can start your final start up. The two prototypes of electric that has been submitted are fully completed and are functional at one hundred percent. With them are working in the Technology Centre, Metallurgical and Transport, Cetemet, finalizing the preparations for industrialising the vehicle.

Velántur Cars España

The first model, the Velántur, (that is in the photos) despite being finished and be functional suffered variations prior to its release. According to Hurtado “our job is to make cars very specific, not something general”, and hence will improve the product before it goes to production in a definitive way. To do this they are working with the best companies in terms of r+D+I of the region, jaén.

In terms of its design, the Velántur continues to maintain the philosophy that inaugurated Steal. Their lines are still emulating the cars of the 40’s and 50’s. Its proportions are perfect as it has wheels on the ends of the body and the overhangs almost non-existent. The waist line is very high, the glass area is very small, wheel arches are very bulky and to finish off the side profile, we have some great alloy wheels multirradio chrome.

The front recalls to the classics of the beginning of the last century. Its front grille might bring to mind the riding the car of Batman, and its round headlights evoke memories of the riding models of the German firm Wiesmann. All in all, we cannot deny that the aesthetics of this model is unique and that would attract drivers more demanding in terms of exclusivity and distinction are referred to.

Veántur Cars

The rear, the same as the front, saves perfectly the aesthetic style that has the Velántur. The brand defines it as a “car only” and reason not them lack. Its lines remind us that they are models of PGO. Your headlights are very small and the rear window is almost symbolic. The bumper is strongly reminiscent to the ones who had the model of old, because it is satisfied with a small band chrome. Under this are the headlights anti fog rear and the space to accommodate the enrollment.

In terms of its electrical mechanics we do not yet know details, but it surely will offer more than 400 kilometers of autonomy. Will have to see how events unfold, and hopefully things go really well. We deserve a mark homeland as Velántur Cars.

Source – Velántur Cars