Venezuela receives his first cab Chinese Chery


Venezuela received the first units of Chery Orinoco, to improve the fleet of taxis. The agreement with China also includes the provision of Yutong buses.


Taxi-Chery-Orinoco-Venezuela E he government of Venezuela entered into an agreement with the Asian manufacturer Chery, for the provision of a total of 20 000 vehicles to be incorporated into the Venezuelan fleet of taxis . In this context, they were delivered the first 400 units, in the remainder of the year should be completed to a total of 10 000 taxis, while the rest received arrive in 2016.

This is based on the Chery Cielo , known as Chery Orinoco in that market and that in some countries sold as Chery Skin units . Cars imported from China , are equipped with radio communications and a security camera, in addition to the ability to run on gas as an alternative fuel.

The cars are part of a plan launched by the government to improve public transport, which also includes the import of Yutong buses, also of Chinese origin. Parallel and with the help of China, are building in Venezuela a plant to produce buses locally, where they plan a capacity of 3,500 units per year , which provides for the needs of the local market and at one stage subsequent export to other countries in the region.



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