Vernay sum pole main WTCR in Zandvoort


Jean-Karl Vernay has gotten the pole for the main race WTCR in Zandvoort after winning the Q3 with its Audi RS 3 LMS. The French rider set a time of 1:43.994, record with the that has exceeded by nearly half a second clear of Rob Huff. In this way, Vernay achieved his first pole at the event in a session that has allowed James Thompson comes first in the race with an inverted grid, which has signed the tenth fastest time in Q2. Positive classification of Pepe Oriola after signing the eighth position for the main race with his Cupra TCR.

Jean-Karl Vernay, already anticipated its potential in Q1 after signing a 1:44.491 he was worth to be the fastest rider of the session ahead of Rob Huff, Frédéric Vervisch and Yann Ehrlacher. Pepe Oriola has signed for its part, the seventh-best time, record that allowed him to pass with comfort to the Q2. Could not get this goal none of the pilots Hyundai, as well as Benjamin Lessennes or Tom Coronel. In fact, especially discreet was the classification of the local hero, the entire time that Colonel finished second-last, just above the Audi RS 3 LMS prince Bernhard van Oranje.


Frédéric Vervisch took over from Vernay with the best time in Q2. Its 1:44.205 he was worth to the belgian to lead the way to the decisive Q3 session that also got access Rob Huff after scoring the second best time on the checkered flag. Jean-Karl Vernay, also resorted to the last moments of the session to sneak third, time leaving Gordon Shedden and Esteban Guerrieri as the last two qualifiers, but at the same time cast out of the Q3 Yann Ehrlacher. For his part, Pepe Oriola finished eighth, while James Thompson was left with the pole of the race with a grill reverse.

Jean-Karl Vernay set a 1:43.994 in Q3, being the only rider able to ride at 1:44 to get his first pole position in the contest. Rob Huff and Gordon Shedden were second and third, respectively, despite committing two errors in its twists thrown, taking advantage of Esteban Guerrieri did not set out to dispute the session, and Frédéric Vervisch accused a mechanical problem on his Audi RS 3 LMS when I was in the back of the installation before you face your fastest lap. Following this, the belgian will come fourth ahead of the Honda Civic Type R Esteban Guerrieri in the main race.

Combined Q2-Q3 of the WTCR 2018 at the Hungaroring

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Dif.
1 Jean-Karl Vernay Audi RS 3 LMS 1:43.994
2nd Rob Huff Volkswagen Golf GTI +0.459
3rd Gordon Shedden Audi RS 3 LMS +0.596
4th Frédéric Vervisch Audi RS 3 LMS No time
5th Esteban Guerrieri Honda Civic Type R No Time
———– ———————– —————————- —————–
6th Yann Ehrlacher Honda Civic Type R 1:44.483
7th Mehdi Bennani Volkswagen Golf GTI +0.109
8th Pepe Oriola Cupra TCR +0.159
9th Aurélien Comte Peugeot 308 TCR +0.439
10th James Thompson Honda Civic Type R +0.489
11th John Filippi Cupra TCR +0.557
12 Aurélien Panis Audi RS 3 LMS +0.658