Verstappen after being compared to Senna: “it Is important to keep calm”


Much has been made of the exhibition that gave Max Verstappen in Brazil, under the rain, a race that has come to be compared with that of Ayrton Senna at the European Grand Prix held at Donnington Park in 1993 or Michael Schumacher in the Spanish Grand Prix in Montmeló in 1996.

Personalities of the stature of Gerhard Berger, which was a team-mate of Ayrton Senna in Mclaren, surrendered to the feet of Verstappen after the race of Interlagos, in which harkened back to the podium after falling out of the points due to a bad strategic decision. “When I see Max, comes to mind Ayrton Senna, and this is the first time that I say something as well. Ayrton was the best, by personality, piloting and results. It was different from the rest and that’s why I’ve never wanted to make comparisons, but with Max it is difficult not to do so”, recognized Berger at the end of the race.

Niki Lauda also praised the achievement of Max Verstappen, even taking off the cap in front of Jos -the father of Max, who at the time was a bow. In this regard, Max commented that “nor does it very often, so it’s great to see that he did it in front of my father”. In a promotional event organized by one of its sponsors, the pilot of Red Bull spoke about his drawn alternatives that you used to find more grip on the wet asphalt where no other pilot did. I was Already looking for different drawn behind the safety car. It was a bit like in the karting, but with a larger car, but at the limit of slip, and patinar”.

In any case, Max Verstappen believes that it is not time to get carried away by the praise and that it is important to keep calm, stay focused and be very clear that we must continue to learn. Is very well all is written, but it is important to keep calm. You should always keep improving because never is enough bueno.