Verstappen: “Alonso has not been at the right time and place”


Max Verstappen is still the sensation of the season, and since we ascended to Red Bull in the past Great Prize of Spain, only Lewis Hamilton has been able to get more points than the young pilot Dutch.

In statements to, Verstappen says that your goal is to become World Champion, but is aware of the amount of factors beyond your control that come into play. Max dreams of to get it in Red Bull and puts Fernando Alonso as an example of that is not enough to be the best: there is also that making the right decision when choosing the equipment and at the right time.

it is my goal (to be a Champion of the World), definitely.
it is always difficult to say: ‘okay, on this computer I prepare for
to be a Champion
of the World’.
You never know, you need to
a little bit of luck and having the right material and at the time
appropriate. Look at Fernando Alonso, I think that might be Heptacampeón
the World
because it is very fast, but not
has been in the place and at the time correct,
so it is difficult to
, but hopefully we can do it on this computer
because I feel very happy here. Depends on the situation. By
of course that is my goal, but if I had a great career and
he exploited everything that could, would be happy too.”

Max Verstappen is having a career giddy in the Formula 1. He arrived to the category after a brief, but intense, experience in single-seaters and, after one season and four races, had the opportunity to compete for a winning team. One of the key aspects was his duel with Carlos Sainz, who fondly remembers and supports that helped him to be better prepared to deal with Ricciardo.

“it Was a good battle, I would say, and, of course, is always very
positive to be rising up to Red Bull, demonstrates that he did what
correct. I Think that I learned a lot but we were both beginners, as well
it is difficult for me to actually
. But, once I got to this
team (Red Bull), I had to raise the level against Daniel

The ascent to Red Bull has been a breeze for Max Verstappen, who won his first race in his debut with the team. For Max, the transition has been perfect and it feels very cocooned and comfortable in Red Bull, in addition to fit in perfectly with Daniel Ricciardo.

“Everything went pretty well, it wasn’t as if I had to make a
great jump, just go slow and grow. Especially the results
career have always gone well and I think that, definitely, that is
my strength. I think that, in general, (Toro Rosso) as is a good team, but when you step up to Red Bull it’s all a little better at whatever you do, that is what I expect from a champion team. Not bad for Toro Rosso because they did the best with the chances they had”.

“at The end the atmosphere in the team is also very good. I’m
very much enjoying. Daniel is a great teammate, we have
a lot of respect for each other and is very friendly
, as well
it is good to have a good atmosphere among the riders”.