Verstappen believes it will not be more difficult to overtake this year


One of the controversies that the new regulation has created is that of a hypothetical reduction of overtaking as a result of the increased downforce of the cars, which creates more turbulence on the rear wing and makes the car persecutors have more difficulties to get closer to their rivals.

Others, however, argue that the increase of mechanical grip through the tires will compensate in such a circumstance, allowing the pilots to risk more with the maneuvers.

But Max Verstappen has had the possibility to follow other riders on the track and think that it will be more complicated than in 2016. “I was able to ride very close to other cars, well, I think that is the same as last year. It really seemed very similar. You have more downforce, you’re going much faster in the curves, but I think it will be very similar, we just have to wait a bit and see, with luck we will not have to overtake (riders of Red Bull)”, said jokingly to finish the pilot Dutch.