Verstappen: “I don’t care if there are no team orders, should be far ahead”


the controversy of The Australian Grand Prix was the situation that was generated in the Toro Rosso between Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen, and their respective engineers. The Dutch lost the position with the Spanish after entering this pit a lap earlier and this triggered multiple complaints and requests for Max, who claimed to be much faster than Carlos.

Verstappen was asked by the press if he expected the team to
leave team orders, but the dutchman was adamant:
“Honestly, I don’t know nor do I care about. In normal conditions I
you should be far ahead”
, stoking even more controversy.

the outcome of the race was listed by Verstappen of
“disappointing” after finishing tenth after having
ranked fifth on the Saturday. “I Think we might have been
close to Ricciardo if we had done the stops correct.
Finishing tenth is, obviously, really disappointing”
the Dutch.

in spite of everything, Max ensures that “all is well, I knew that
it was much faster today, I’m not worried, because the speed
she wasn’t there. Simply we had a bad pit-stop and then I
I found behind. I Feel I have everything under control, I do not feel
, ended.