Verstappen: “In 2016 I want the double points and a podium”


Max Verstappen has completed his first season in Formula 1 and it is time to take stock. The dutchman has become the youngest ever driver to debut in the category and also in the more early at the time to score points. At the wheel of the STR10, Verstappen has added 49 points and finished twelfth in the championship. After being the pilot of revelation and become the pilot is the most awarded of the Gala of the FIA, Max does not put barriers to the field, and fixed more ambitious goals for 2016, where it will compete with motors Ferrari.

On its website, Verstappen discussed their 2015: I’m very happy of my first year. With two fourthplace, it was a good season”. The pilot Toro Rosso added: “we Were close to getting a podium, which we did not expect before the start of the season. I got many points and even add points in six consecutive races. It is important to be consistent in the Formula 1, so I think that we can label 2015 as a very good season for us. However, the Dutch recognized that: “I Had a little luck with the fourth place achieved in Hungary, was totally unexpected”.


In relation to their overtaking manoeuvres, Max Verstappen believes that: “Overtaking is always difficult, especially with a motor that lacks power and if you face the best riders in the world”. Although it narrates matter-of-factly: “It’s a feeling and understanding is hard to explain, but it is important to have a good output curve to get the overtaking”. On his now-famous maneuver at Spa-Francorchamps, the dutchman explained: “Nasr made a mistake in the previous corner. I needed to take advantage of that opportunity. I Just thought that was a good start and that I should try it on the outside. . Luckily function”.

After a year of learning, Max Verstappen is shown ambitious. The dutchman believes that it has found an appropriate balance, but also recognizes that it can improve in various fields: I can Still develop myself as a rider and also physically. The experience you gain with time, but you have to be prepared”. Face-to 2016, Max is set very clear objectives:I Want to do better, in all senses. I want to rank better, get more points and finish higher up in the classification. Should I raise the bar, so that in 2016, I want the double points and a podium“.