Verstappen: “it Was good to have Carlos mate”


Photo: Toro Rosso

2015 will always be remembered for being the of the emergence of a new star. Max Verstappen started the season with just 17 years, and in the second race as he became the youngest driver to score points. Was accumulating good results, especially two quarters positions, and racked up 49 points, which earned him to be considered the best rookie of 2015. At the gala of the FIA, in addition, he was named ‘personality of the year’ and won the award to the action of the year for an advancement in the Grand Prix of Belgium. A debut that exceeded their own expectations: “Yes, a little. I mean, I’ve got more points than expected, so in that sense it was definitely better than I expected at the beginning of the world, I am very happy with that!”.

Analyzing his performance, the Dutch is their regular: “I have been very constant throughout the year, something that’s not always easy to get in the season in which you are a novice”. In addition to positive results, Verstappen has been protagonist by being wrapped in several actions controversial, which we have encouraged to the first position of pilots more disciplined in 2015, with eight points in the Superlicencia. If you have to choose a moment, this is the Great Prize of the united States: “I’ve had many good moments, but I think that the Austin was my best race. Very complete, quick and with movements clean, and I finished fourth. I think in general I’ve learned a lot this year, gaining a lot of experience and getting much more knowledge about the car, the circuit and Formula 1 in general”.

Pirelli released their numbers, and in them it appears Verstappen as the pilot that performed more overtaking manoeuvres (49 in the whole season). In addition, next to Sainz, became the Toro Rosso team, with more positions gained. So spoke to Max about his partner: “What has also been nice is to have someone like Carlos in the same team. Is always pushing, and that is what I like, I need someone by my side that push a lot and I put it difficult to get the most out of myself”. Are the two riders that most show have given to the world, and on which will rest many of the foci of the next course.